Tethering and Hot Spots

Not many people know about the option, but it has actually been around for years and provides many additional options to mobile users. Smartphones such as Android and iOS devices have the ability to act as a modem and allow other phones, computers, or anything else that needs the Internet to connect to them and use your bonus data. This is a great feature for users who are on unlimited plans or want to stream movies on their computers but don’t have Wi-Fi at home. All smartphones have this option, which can be activated on Android under settings, more connections, tethering. On the iPhone, it’s much easier, simply go to settings and switch on your personal hotspot, which will promote a window that gives you USB options and Bluetooth/Wi-Fi.

The connection will be as fast on any device you connect as you would expect on the phone, meaning a slot connection wouldn’t be any faster on any of the connected devices. In fact, it might just be slower, especially when multiple devices are connected. The speed is also affected when your phone is far away from the mobile device. For the best connection, find a place where you have great coverage and bring the device you would like to connect closer to the phone, anything within 2 meters with no obstructions in between is done perfectly for a great connection.

Things to Consider

When using tethering or a hotspot, there are a few things you need to keep track of, especially when you’re using a limited data plan. Connecting composer to the hotspot works just fine, but bear in mind web pages are much bigger on a PC meaning they will consume a lot more data. Playing online games will also have the same effect and could result in multiple gigabytes being used in a matter of hours. Connecting a SmartTV to stream movies or YouTune also results in massive data usage as the video quality tends to be much better on these devices. To use your phone as a modem, we recommend having a very large data package or keeping a close eye on the usage. There are apps that can assist with limits, alerts, and usage information to help you.

Another important factor is battery usage. Creating a hotspot with your phone is drain your better from fully charged to zero percent within a few hours. These options are extremely harsh on battery life as the phone needs to receive data and send it out to the devices connected, not to mention that your Wi-Fi needs to be on and run at full speed constantly.

Is It Worth Getting a Bigger Data Package to Tether?

It depends on how much data you plan on using with a hotspot and also how many devices you are connecting to it. If high volumes of data will be used, we would recommend looking at Wi-Fi prices and compare them to the additional cost in mobile data. Most of the time, you would actually same a lot by choosing Wi-Fi and it gives you the added benefit of longer range, connecting more devices, and having the options to simply connect you phone to it and save even more on mobile data.