Mobile Data Analytics

Mobile Data Analytics refers to the study of mobile users when they visit a website or use an app. No, don’t worry, it doesn’t mean people are spying on you and gaining your personal information, well not to do hard anyway. The information they gather will tell us what type of device you use, where you were on the website, and when you left. This information is critical for businesses as they have the ability to improve their design and features to make things easier for you and all other users.

Since internet enabled phones came out, it game these analysts a much bigger platform to work with. Think about it, how many people go online each day, viewing different websites for many various reasons. This includes visitors of all ages, nationalities, and languages. This type of information is crucial to provide the perfect website everyone can use as it will direct you to the things you want to know, without you even considering it. Website owners are also using this information to find out how they can target the mobile market and get more traffic through their website and how to offer their visitors the next best thing, while also knowing what other want, which goes into a whole different department where new products or services can be marketed.

Mobile Data Analytics

I’m sure you’ve all see the suggestions on websites like Amazon where they magically know what else you might be interested in. This is all due to this information gather from other users and other sites you might have visited. Google is also a major example when it comes to this information as they collect what people search and working accordingly to provide a better experience for all their users.

Visitors Information

On mobile devices, it’s actually tough to obtain visitor information as the phones don’t work well with JavaScript. This means the data is a lot harder to capture, but mostly just end up being how many visitors viewed the site that day. There are new ways to obtain information about visitors thanks to Facebook and other social media platforms, but just about impossible for a regular website owner to get hold of.

Even if users do manage to obtain this information, they will never be able to get hold of your personal information such as your address, or login details to other websites. The information they are interested if simply your age, nationality, your sex, the type of device you use, and pages you’ve visited.

Various ways are used to obtain this information or at least some of it. Many sites use tagless data capture, which worlds on all devices and does not require cookies or JavaScript to work on mobile phones, meaning they get the necessary info and have the ability to better your experience through their website. Other methods include image tags, link redirections, IP address analysis, WAP gateway logs.