Medium Data Usage Apps

Having a fair sized data plan opens the window for many more options and apps on your smartphone, which lets you take advantage of better games, features, ways to communicate with friends, and much more. However, these medium-sized packaged won’t allow you to use much of the apps that consume a lot of data, such as video streaming, movies, and more as they will once again take out a big chunk of your monthly plan. If you do decide to use larger apps, be sure to download My Data Manager or a related app to track just how much they use.

Medium data consuming apps still need to be checked up on as they can also run into a fair amount of data when used often. However, with a decent sized data plan, you should be able to enjoy the features, and app mentioned below. We’ve tested these apps to see how much data they use over a short period of time while using all the benefits the app has to offer, meaning chances are good that you won’t use as much as mentioned below, but could reach the same volumes if you are the type of user that take advantage of all the features.


Video Chat

Once a game has been downloaded and is now being played on mobile data, it can run into some fairly big data requirements. We’ve tested various online games that require users to stay connected to the server. Most of these games range below 20MB within 10 minutes of playing time, which could lead to much bigger volumes if you tend to play the game for more than an hour a day. This means any day you play more than 2 hours will see you consuming almost 250mb, over 10 days it could range well over 1GB, which might not sound like much, but bear in mind, none of your other apps data usage has been included.

Video Chat

There are various video chat options available, including Google Hangouts and Skype. Most people avoid these as they think video chats require a lot of data and will do serious hard to your mobile package within just a few minutes. However, keep in mind that the video is not downloaded, but just streamed and HD quality isn’t used. While testing Skype, we found a 10-minute call uses less than 10MB of data, meaning an hour phone call uses less than a 10-minute video on YouTube. Hangouts, on the other hand, consumed almost 30MB in the same time frame, meaning almost 200MB would be used in an hour. However, the app is well worth having as more and more people and businesses are using it to connect and have meetings.


Email apps such as Gmail, Hotmail, or the standard app that comes with your device can vary in data usage as it depends on the amount of emails you get, how often it checks for new mail, and much more. Keep in mind that downloading attachments can also lead to a fair amount of data, especially if someone sends you many files or just 1 file that consists of a big download. Both iPhone and Android offer the options to only download attachments on request while on mobile data.