iPhone Data Settings and Options

iPhone is one of the world’s most under mobile devices and provides us with a full range of apps and options to enjoy. The phones are glitch free and offer incredible advantages, no matter what you would like to do on the device. iPhones also include a massive range of options that are easy to access and allow users to set up the phone exactly the way they want it, quickly change settings that can be changed back just as easily, and also save a lot on data. All these options are confidently available under settings.

Turn off Data Only

Going into settings, you will see an option that says mobile data with a switch next to it. Turning this off will not allow any data to be used by the device. You will still have the ability to receive phone calls, text messages, and even iMessages, but none of the apps will be updated, and the device also will not be able to update its software.

iPhone Data Settings and Options

Switching off mobile data also save battery life, making it a great option to use while you’re on Wi-Fi. To turn mobile data on again, simply go into the same settings and move to its green position again. Your data will take only a second to connect and then provide you with all the features and options available.

In the same section, there are also options to switch to LTE if your device is enabled. LTE is faster than 3G, making it perfect for faster downloads. The feature will not change your better life, but keep an eye on it as it can run down data quickly while downloading or streaming movies.

Turn off Push Notifications and Data for Certain Apps

This is a great feature Apple has included on their mobile devices as it lets you choose, which apps should never use data, which can send push notifications, and which can do both. This does not require an app as it is built in and can be used on all the apps you’ve downloaded.

To turn off push notifications, simply go to settings and then notifications. All the apps that use this feature will be displayed with the same green switch next to each of them. Turning off this option means the app will no longer be able to notify you of new data such as messages, friends tagging you, and so forth.

There are some apps and games that do not require mobile data but still use it to sign you in or to send you notifications. Going into settings and then cellular gives you the option to turn off mobile data for any app, even those who need it to update. This means you have full control and will be able to turn it on again when needed.

You will find many other great options that come with these smartphones that let you take control of your data usage and how the apps work. If you’re running low on data, be sure to visit these options and turn off those that you don’t use.