How to Manage Data Usage

The latest software updates have brought a whole new range of options and abilities to our devices. Some of these you’ll never use where as other will become you new favorite part of your device. These updates also include more information about your apps and their usage. This means you can access the info about each all and actually discover new things about them, which includes usage.

This means you will be able to keep track of the data used by apps without downloading any apps. This is available on both iOS and Android devices, but the features are somewhat limited. The standard options simply tell you what’s been used by which app and since when. It doesn’t offer any notifications or additional options to tell you how much data is remaining.

Manage Data Usage 1

To monitor data usage, you can access various apps. However, many don’t know what to do once they have the information or don’t really know where to begin to lower the data. The following guide will provide multiple tips and tricks to make data usage on any app a lot less instantly.

Use Home Page Short Cuts

Popular social media apps such as Facebook and Twitter can be accessed online and don’t actually require an app. This also includes just about any other app that has a mobile site as well. Going into these sites give you the same features and options as the app, but will not include notifications, which already decreased your mobile usage by a lot.

To create a home page shortcut on iOS and Android, simply go to the website on your smartphone, press menu on your browser, click “add to homepage” and set the name. Sites that support this feature will provide the same logo as the app, meaning it looks no different on your device. However, when entering the link, it takes you to the mobile website for the page, but will still include all the information and updates you would expect in a regular app.

In addition, this will also save space on your phone as there is no need for an app. Instead, you will just have a link and logo, which is only a few kb big. Another advantage is that you will also get to see the latest updates as pressing on the logo reloads the page. The reason you save on data this way is because the app doesn’t have to refresh the whole time and also doesn’t sent push notifications.

Switch of Push Notifications for Other Apps and Games

It is important to know that some websites that will not provide you all the features. There are also games that can’t be played online and only work with apps. To save data on these apps, ensure push notifications are switched off in their settings. This means the app can’t send you things when new levels are available, or something else has happened, so be careful not to switch it off on games that need to send notifications. However, other apps such as Instagram are not really required to send push notifications as you can see what’s new by simply logging in.