Do Mobile Games Use Data

There are a number of impressive mobiles games available that are sure to keep all players satisfied, no matter what type of game you enjoy. Some developers create the most impressive 3D games, while others offer classic such as Super Mario and many other arcade games. However, the most popular games on smartphones are online games such as the range of games Facebook offers and those that have been created by other, including Pokemon Go and Clash of Clans. The App Store on Android and iOS are full of games such as those mentioned above and provide both games that require mobile data and those that don’t.


If you want to play online games, but you are on a very limited data package, it’s best to play on Wi-Fi. The game will not consume any of your data, and you will be able to play. Also remember to turn off push notifications and do not allow the game to refresh in the background as this till use data without you knowing about it. Most games don’t need much data, but there are a few that use more than you think and could seriously hurt your monthly data plan within a short period of time.

Game Hubs

A game hub is what’s used to keep your scores and lets you share it with friends to challenge them and also find out what games your friends are playing. These hubs will require data to update your scores and provide you with information about other players. However, the data usage is minimal and only uses a few kbs to update, download l, and sign in while playing a game. However, if you are on your last few mbs for the month, you might want to turn this off as well. In fact, the easiest would be just to turn off data altogether, which saves you the effort of going into settings and finding the game to adjust options.

Multiplayer Games

This is where mobile data consumption becomes significant. Playing online against other players in real time could result in serious data usage. However, once again it all depends on the type of game you play. Something like Clash of Clans will only up about 100mb a month when you play for an hour a day as it doesn’t have 3D graphics or require massive updates while playing. Then again something like Mobile Strike can use much more, but also a lot less, it all depends on how many people are online and what exactly you are doing. Newer games such as Pokemon Go also vary in data usage. Some have reported that up to 100mb was used in a day where as other have used about 150mb in over a week. Gaming is difficult to provide accurate figures as there are there so many things that play a part in the data it uses.