Apps that Use a Lot of Data

Having a smartphone definitely makes things a lot easier, but some apps use a lot of data without you even knowing about it. Videos, video chat, games, Sofia media, and others use a lot more data than you’d think. Streaming a video might not seem like a major data user, but you need to consider the quality and how long it is to be sure. There are actually many apps that take a lot of data in a very short period of time, meaning those on smaller data packages are likely to get a huge bill at the end of the month or experience much slower speeds halfway through the month, depending on the package you’ve selected.

We’ve taken various apps and tested them to see just how much data they actually use on average. Apps such as My Data Manager can assist keeping track of your data, but if you want to keep things low, be careful when downloading any of the following app types for your smartphone while using mobile data.

Streaming Movies and Videos


This is by far the biggest data users we’ve seen. Watching just 10 minutes a day of YouTube videos can make you hit the limit on a 1GB data plan within just a few days. Watching the same videos in HD quality can half that time and choke down a gig in a matter of hours. We all enjoy YouTube videos and its features, but be sure to keep your video quality to a minimum while on mobile.

Streaming networks such as Netflix and Hulu can be even more data consuming than YouTube. These apps don’t offer different video quality as the adjust the picture automatically according to the connection, meaning you will get the best quality while on LTE, but at the same time, it can wipe away up to 200MB of your data in just 10 minutes. This means that when streaming a movie 2 hours in length, it could see a 5GB data package disappear.


Popular music streaming apps such as Spotify can run into significant data usage in just a day. We tested the app and once again found any package that offers less than a gig of data per month should simply stay away from streaming music. The app can run into data costs of over 1GB for listening for just an hour. This also depends on the music quality as it plays a major role. Using high-quality streaming could double your data usage per hour, but using good earphones and a lower quality audio could also result in a lot less data being used. However, even with the lowest quality, keep an eye on your data.


We recommend downloads only take place while on Wi-Fi l, even when you’re not on a small data package. Downloading apps, music, movies. And anything else could run into massive data chunks going missing. With today’s speeds, hitting download of 1GB to 5GB can easily be reached within 5 minutes.