App that Help Manage Your Data Usage

There are many ways to decrease your data usage including switching off your data when it’s not used, closing all the apps after using them, turning off notifications, or only downloading apps and doing updates while on wi-fi. All of these are great tips, but keeping track of what you’ve used and how much still remains is just about impossible.

This is why various developers have created apps that help you do just that. These apps monitor your data usage and provide you with a detailed report of where the most data was used and when. This gives users the ability to see where their data is going and also keep track up how much they have left. Some apps can also notify you when approaching your daily limit or when you data is about to run out. The following list is not in any order, but all offer a great advantage for data usage.

My Data Manager

My Data Manager is one of the most popular apps that offer data management in many ways. The app is available for iOS and Android users, giving them the ability to take full control of what data has been used.

My Data Manager1

The app lets you choose the amount of data you’ve got and when it expires. It will automatically tell you what your daily limit is for while alarms can be set. Should you exceed your limit on a day, it will automatically readjust the limit for each other day. The same happens when you don’t reach you limit on a day, meaning each day for the rest of the period will have more data.

The app also provides detailed information about the apps that use the most data, how much you’ve spent on wi-fi, roaming, mobile data and much more. This means you are able to take advantage of all the great things your phone has to offer, while also knowing exactly what’s remaining for the rest of the week or month.

DataMan Next

DataMan Next has been created for iPhone users. The app provides a simple widget for the notification pull down window and provides data information about your current usage. The app will be able to provide a small breakdown of what’s remaining for the month in percentage, but also give you a breakdown of how much mobile data has been used and how much you’ve used on wi-fi. The app comes at a low cost of $1.99, but a pro version is also offered at $5.99, which includes a lot more detail regarding the apps that have used the data.

Onavo Count

Onavo Count is a simple and easy to use data counter that is free for both iOS and Android users. The app gives you details about the data used in the last 30 days as well as the apps that have used it. The app is easy to use, doesn’t take much space, and gives you the information you need.