Android Data Settings and Options

Android is currently the leading operating system for mobile devices. The service provides a huge section of apps that allow you to enjoy all the features and options that the phone has to offer. Android has definitely come a lot way regarding features, but still doesn’t include a whole lot of options regarding data, definitely not as much as iOS. This means Android users who want to change some settings on their data usage need to use apps to do so, which already costs more in data as it requires a download. However, there are some options will let you cut down on data usage and also monitor apps and just how much data they consume.

This guide will provide everything you need to know about the settings your Android device offers and just how much you will be able to do with it. If the options aren’t listed here, remember that there still are apps that might be able to do what you need. The best way to save on data is to use Wi-Fi. Smartphones have been created to provide a world of options but do need an internet connection to ensure those options are up to date and provide the information you want from them. However, ensuring your downloads and updates take place on Wi-Fi will already lower your usage by a massive amount.

Android Data Settings

Turning Mobile Data off and On

Mobile data is what’s used to keep your phone going while you are not on Wi-Fi. This means it used to update your Facebook feeds, allows you to watch videos, chat with friends, and just about everything else other than playing games offline, receiving phone calls, or text messages. Turning off this option will not allow any data to be used on your device, meaning no data will be removed from your data plan.

This option can be accessed in the notification window that appears when you pull down from the turn of your screen. Once you’ve found mobile data, simply tap on it, which will turn off the green glow. Once turned off, no more data will pass through, even if you are in the middle of a download.

Disable auto-updates

Android offers a feature that lets you turn off your updates. This means the Play Store will no longer just update your device when a new version for the operating system or apps have been released. However, there is also an option that allows these updates only to take place over Wi-Fi, meaning all your updates will only take place on Wi-Fi and your mobile data will be saved for anything else you need to do while on the move. The option is available under the general setting are and the auto update apps.

Restrict Background Data

Background data is what updates your emails, chats, news feeds, and more. You can turn this off, which will only allow the apps to update their content when you open the app. This can save a lot of data as well, as apps tend to update quite often, but actually becomes a problem when there are multiple apps doing the same thing.