About Mobile Data

We’ve all heard people say they wouldn’t know what to do if their mobile phones ever had to go missing as it contains everything they need and all the apps required to connect with friends, upload pictures, find your way around, discover new places, and enjoy a massive range of games to top it all off. However, mobile data comes at a price, especially when you use a lot of data to do all those things mentioned above. Internet speeds have increased dramatically, meaning you can do a lot more, much faster and loose track of the data you’ve used, which is why service providers have increased their packages to allow users to gain access to all the features available, without paying an arm and a leg.

Data Speeds

data usage

The speed of your internet connection makes a huge difference to just about anyone you do on it. Loading Facebook, sending messages, or listening to music online, and much more could all be affected by the speed of your connection. This is why speeds are always burning increased and why we can reach speeds of 300mb/s with LTE connection today, compared to GPRS that could only offer 114kb/s just a few years ago. The future of data speeds is sure to be amazing and allow us to download just about anything within a few seconds.

High Data Volume Apps

For the most part, apps use a fair amount of data and don’t make you use up all the data you have for the month within just a few hours. However, there are a few apps and options that will quickly change that. These include video streaming, streaming music, downloading games, and much more. Luckily, there are Wi-Fi spots all over that will be able to let you do all the things that take up a lot of data without using any of your mobile data. However, if you are a fan of YouTube or like to listen to music online, we would recommend taking a much bigger package with more data. App developers are also expected to increase the size of apps along with its content, meaning a bigger data package would be the way to go. Alternatively, Wi-Fi packages are a lot cheaper and offer great speeds that allow you to save your data while at home.

Medium Data Volume Apps

With so many apps available on the App Store, you might find yourself wondering what the data usage is like with most. However, it’s quite easy to eat according to what they do. As mentioned above video, movie, and music apps use large volumes, whereas email, video call, browsing, and others only use up small volumes of data at a time. However, these can still use a massive amount as well when they are regularly used or used to download big files. The fact stands that it all depends on what you do in an app will determine just how much data you use.